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  Product Specifications :Large wheel loader

Wheel Loader 650

Rated load 5000kg
Overall weight 17050kg
Rated bucket capacity 3m3
Maximum tractive force 152kn
Breakout force °› 186kn
Maximum grade ability 28°„
Maximum dump height 3146mm
Max. dump reach 1220mm
Minimum turning radius 7760mm
Model weichai WD10G220E21
Rated power 162kw°™2200r/min
Torque converter hangchi 50
Maximum speed 38km/h
Gearbox mode power shift
Gear shift 2 forward shift 1 reverse shift
Main reducing spiral bevel gear grade 1 reduction
Decelerating mode planetary reduction grade 1
Wheel base 3300mm
Wheel tread 2250mm
Minimum ground clearance 460mm
Brake system
Service brake air over hydraulic disc brake on 4 wheels
Parking brake Shut off the air brake inner expand hoot
Hydraulic system
System working pressure 16mpa
Boom lifting time 5.8s
Total time 10.4s
Fuel tank capacity 300L
Type specification 23.5-25



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