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  Product Specifications :Specialized loader

ZL16F grass grab

ZL16F grass grab

Rated Load:

1600 KG

Rated Bucket Capacity 0.9 m3
Engine: Weichai Steyr ZH4100K14-3 45kw
Dimension (LxWxH): 5182x1910x 2712 mm
The sum of three items: 8.1s (Full load)
Dumping Height : 2330mm
Dumping Reach : 800 mm
Transmission: 2 forward & 2 reverse;
Automatic Bucket Flat Performance : Yes
Tires: 23.5-25
Fuel Capacity: 80 L
Brake: Air over hydraulic disc brake on 4 wheels
Option : Fork for carrying stone; Change installation promptly; Air-conditioner; Heating system Lengthened boom



Specialized loader :

ZL 20F fork for carrying stone

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